Define accommodating resistance

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So our objective is to increase linear speed through increased peak power.

An athlete with more power has greater torque, leading to a quicker athlete with more top end speed.

This means the bench press will feel hardest at the bottom through the middle of the exercise, not because you have a weakness.

At the bottom on the movement, your muscles stretch. You may have better leverage compared with the middle portion, but not as good as you have at the top, so it feels hard here as well.So what is the difference between power training and strength training?This article and video outlines: From these definitions we can conclude, strength training trains the ability to exert force to overcome resistance, while power training trains the ability to exert force in the shortest period of time.Since the main goal is to overcome resistance, a typical strength training work with high intensities (above 85% of the 1RM for a given exercise and low repetitions Max strength training intensities à link to article).The movement velocities can be low, which means the time it takes to complete a strength exercise or strength lift can be multiple seconds.

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