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While flying over the territories of the former Soviet Union, SCP-1778 seems to behave as any satellite or orbiter. Just get [DATA EXPUNGED] and use it to get me out of here, and you will have all what the division knew up to 19██. UNKNOWN: [UNINTELLIGIBLE] (5 seconds) [SCP-1778 decelerates and plots a reverse orbit for 0.13 seconds; in this occasion, SCP-1778 does not resume its original orbit. SCP-1778: (screams) [REDACTED FOR BREVITY] Closing Statement: SCP-1778 kept broadcasting a transmission entirely composed of screams, weeping and imprecations for thirty two minutes with no sign to receive or be aware of the Foundation's transmissions, moment at which it passed over the Prime Meridian and returned to its original position as usual.

However, in the moment of passing over the Prime Meridian, SCP-1778 decelerates through unknown means and adopts an orbit that takes it in the opposite direction, then accelerating rapidly until it reaches Meridian 170º, when it resumes its previous orbit and speed. Closing Statement: This transmission made use of anomalous techniques the Foundation had no access to at the time of interception, and therefore its origin could not be tracked. Instead, it remains in an apparently geosynchronous orbit over the Kamchatka peninsula for thirteen hours, fifteen minutes and twenty seconds, after which it resumes its original orbit and contact is reestablished.] SCP-1778: (screams) [UNINTELLIGIBLE] (screams) Dr. To date, no further contact with SCP-1778 has been achieved. ██████████ and her team are attempting to devise a new contact method and a technique to extract SCP-1778 from its orbit or proceed to a scouting and recovery operation through the use of [DATA EXPUNGED] as it was pointed out by SCP-1778 that there might be a way to access it through [REDACTED AS PER PREVIOUS EXPUNGEMENT] Recent observations by MTF Beta-3 confirm the hatch on the surface of SCP-1778 remains closed.

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This Ranger Sign is obtained as soon as you capture Raikou.

We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Tucker secretly took the keys from Dean's wife, Shawn.

Two weeks before, Tucker had talked about "offing" Dean.

Tucker later related that when she and Garrett entered the apartment bedroom, she put a pickax to Dean's head and Dean began begging for his life.

Tucker struck him with the pickax 28 times, and expressed that every time she struck Dean she received sexual gratification.

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