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Meanwhile, Panabaker has returned to Vancouver for the season 3 shoot of "The Flash." Details about what's in store for Caitlin in the upcoming installment are being kept under wraps, but if Panabaker is the one to decide which aspect of her character she would like to explore next, she said that she would like to know more about Caitlin's family.

RELATED: 'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: Keiynan Lonsdale's Wally West Suits Up As Kid Flash [PHOTO] "I would like to learn more of Caitlin's family," Panabaker said during a Facebook Live interview with Mashable last month.

I think Caitlin needs to take a break from the boys for a little bit, she’s had some rough luck with it, so, um, I don’t know.

I mean she says toward the end of the season, she says ‘I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to love again.’ So it’s a tough place to be. I don’t think that depends on the man." Hopefully Caitlin won't have a romantic interest in Season 3, as they've clearly given her more misery than happiness!

We recently caught up with Danielle Panabaker at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and got some teasers for Season 3, check out the interview below!

They knew what they were doing; nudity is nothing for them. And she comes home for the summer to work at the water park; once she gets home, she finds that her stepfather is sort of running the park into the ground, and he has all of these different ideas on how a water park should be run, because he is the majority owner—he owns 51% of the park. The water park also has a laser tag center, so some of the cast members and crew went and played laser tag while wearing our “Don’t Hassle The Hoff” shirts. [ was fun, because my character—at least when I read the script—was expected to live, because she didn’t fall into any of those typical horror movie stereotypes; she didn’t have sex, she didn’t drink, and she didn’t smoke. Does it ever get to a point where you read a script and think, “If my character doesn’t make it through this one alive, I’m not doing it! It’s definitely something I fell into, more than anything. Growing up, watching horror movies was never something I was going to voluntarily do, but, recently, starting with Brad [Fuller] and Andrew [Form], who were the producers of , I’ve become more and more exposed to this world. Intelligence is sexy; feeling like a dumbass alongside a girl, however, not so much.So she comes home to all of her old friends and old romances, and all the sudden there’s something fishy in the water, and people start disappearing. After you first read the script, did you want to do the movie right away? When my agent and manager called, they definitely presented the film as it really is. It’s funny, one of the reasons why I never wear my glasses any more is that, when I was younger, a guy once said that he liked me until he found out that I wear glasses.Needless to say, I was traumatized for a long time.In season 2, episode 19 ("Back to Normal"), Caitlin came face-to-face with her Earth-2 doppelganger Killer Frost, and while she's figuring out how she could get her Earth-2 self out of her cell, the two found out that both of them have estranged relationships with their moms. Caitlin also learned that unlike her, Killer Frost has a brother named Charlie.

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