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Pakistan is only fifty-three years old as an independent country but excavations here have revealed several major ancient cities and their material cultures, which existed on this land thousands of years ago.

Amongst a wealth of pottery and ornaments discovered at the site of Mehergarh (6500 - 4500 BC) was found the impression of a woven cloth.

After it was stored in the museum it seems to have been completely forgotten until it was rediscovered by Sherbiny.

Though a relatively large number of Egyptian papyrus rolls or fragments survived in Egypt because of the dry desert climate, very few ancient Egyptian leather rolls survived.

The Cairo roll was no exception: part of it was fragmented into very tiny pieces.Two artificial big toes - one found attached to the foot of an ancient Egyptian mummy - were the world's earliest functional prosthetic body parts, according to a study.A three-part wood and leather artefact housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the Greville Chester artificial toe on display in the British Museum, helped their toe-less owners walk like Egyptians.- harbor of Old Cairo - dating from the 11th to the 14th century AD.These fragments are the earliest known printed textiles.

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