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Finding a guy who has the same working schedule and career goals can be really ideal when it comes to longevity. If you are dating someone, they deserve some sense of time and effort. It’s so much more authentic and endearing to hear your lover’s voice.No one is ever too busy to send a heart emoticon to you or to say “I’m thinking about you” during his day at some point. We all know the 40-year-old dating a 22-year-old is for giggles. Love should be an easy reward and should be even and mutual. Sometimes chemistry just dies and there’s nothing you can do. Take every date opportunity as a chance to grow into a smarter and better dater.As a matchmaker, I witness a lot of stories that involve how a newly mature-minded man had to go through certain guys to realize what not to do for previous potentials moving forward.It’s always the same: relationships three and six months in length and then “something suddenly happened.” I see a lot of guys who are seen as needy because their job allows for a more open schedule and their dater has a stricter schedule.A couple of probing questions to ask yourself to keep from this is: What is your first thought when you see or meet a new Christian man? I will not allow myself to look at him as a potential partner."Do you find you are feeling sorry for yourself or commiserating with other single women about the shortage of men?I frequently hear talk like this among single women.They don’t get below the surface in the growth of these friendships.

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How Parents Let Their Kids Go Too Far, Too Fast, Too Soon This is the final article in a series about the mistakes that parents often make in allowing their children to date too seriously too soon. That’s not to say they won’t fight temptation—but at least they will it, and with your help and coaching, they will have victory over it.Unfortunately, like the woman in the film, some people carry romantic regret far too long, but God wants to give us freedom in our emotions from the pain of the past, no matter the reason.If you’re a single Christian woman, have you ever said, "Where can I find a good Christian man? I’m sure men think it’s not easy to find just the woman they want either, but it’s no secret that there are usually more women than men involved in church and Christian groups.When you really focus on believing that God is in control, it changes your outlook on the circumstances of your life. Single women tend to become depressed or worried or desperate because of the lack of "good Christian men." If that’s something you struggle with, please remember the basic truth that God has good plans for you.He intends to bring joy and contentment into your life. You may find this hard to believe, but God has other ways and means of blessing you and fulfilling you.

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