Sunscreen expiration dating

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Water resistance measurement is based on a sunscreen's ability to maintain its SPF after being immersed in water.Sunscreens that are "water-resistant for 4 hours" maintain an SPF of 50 after 4 hours of immersion in water. Generally sunscreens remain effective for 3 years from the date of manufacture.For easier application, try Banana Boat® Faces sunscreen; especially formulated for your face.

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For this reason, The International Dermal Institute recommends using sunscreen every day, not just during the summer months.If sunscreens have expired there is a good chance they are still good for a few months; however once you reach the expiration date there is no guarantee that the level of activity is still present.You may also want to point out a few of these basic but important tips to your clients next time they inquire about purchasing their sunscreen from you: • The best place to store your SPF product is in a cool place out of direct sunlight and heat. larger “30% extra for free” products, which will inevitably expire before you get a chance to use them all and you’ll end up having to throw them out.In Canada, sunscreens must also contain expiration dates.Despite this, you may still encounter sunscreens that lack one.

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