Dating traditional mongols

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Nigeria is a big country with around 250 ethnic groups and over 500 languages.Wedding ceremonies therefore change according to region, religion and ethnic background.The Latin word "primitivus" means the earliest of its kind.From this, art historians have derived the terms "Primitivism/Primitive Art" which essentially describes an early unsophisticated level of artistic expression.The Gorani people are Muslims by faith, but their traditions and customs contain various pagan elements.

The great majority (about 85 percent) of Mongolians are Khalkh Mongols.

They constitute one of the principal ethnic divisions of the Asian peoples.

In fact, the race of the Asian peoples is known as "mongoloid." Throughout the world there is a birth mark famous as the "Mongolian spot." It is a blue birthmark on the buttock, and it shows up right after a child is born.

However, Nigerian brides often wear brightly colored wedding clothes.

They also often wear a Nigerian head tie called a Gele.

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